Tuesday, October 16, 2012

College Rape Crimes Exposed

Once we lived in a safe time when you could walk the streets without being afraid, leave your doors unlocked, and never worry about someone breaking into your daughter's bedroom at night while she slept. Women's self defense was not something we had to keep in the foremost part of our mind. Those times have gone and the new era is one fraught with worry for the safety of our daughters, granddaughters, and sisters.
College crime is high because this is where the predators can come to shop, hiding behind the pretext of an education. This is one the biggest gatherings of females in one place where the twisted mind can peruse to his heart's desire until he finds the one.
Did you know that 13% of college women are stalked for periods from six to nine months and most do not report being stalked. Right along the same lines is the amazing fact that only 5% of women who are raped reported it to anyone. 42% do not report it. Too many times college crime is not reported for fear of being ostracized. This is definitely not like high school but the vulnerability is still there.
With the statistics showing that one in four college women are victims of rape or have been a victim of an attempted rape, sexual assault awareness is essential. This is not to scare anyone or to conjure up nightmares to keep you up at night, but plain awareness is the only way you can hope to be safe.
Knowledge is your best offense to a crime that has escalated to extreme proportions. Not only are women being raped, but some are losing their lives after the rape has been committed. The only way to be safe is to be on your guard. Keep something with you at all times, whether it is pepper spray, a whistle, your cell phone, or anything that you can think of that will allow you the time to either get away or get help.
Keeping a police number on speed dial on your phone is a good idea. All you have to do is push one button and send it straight to the police. Never hang up after sending the call. Try to keep an open line so they can hear what is going on at your end.
One thing every woman needs to do is learn some type of women's self defense. There are many things that you can do to cause pain to a would-be assailant. While he is trying to figure out what happened, you can be a block away.
By being aware of what is going on around you, the edge you need is there. You can sense if something does not feel right. That is your instinct telling you to pay attention. Never put it off as something silly. You are the best judge of your own feelings. If you do not trust someone, there is usually a reason. It does not matter if you know the person or he is the friend of a friend.
You need to stand up, be strong, and let them know that you are someone to be reckoned with, no matter how small you are. The only difference between a large person and a small person (a man and a woman) are the weapons the small person plans to use to protect her position. Everyone has heard about evening the odds. This needs to be done at all times and in any way that you can.
A mind-boggling 84% of college men who had committed rape said that there had been no rape. Do they not get it that if a girl says no, it is rape? One of the reasons that so many men get away with this crime is the fear that rape instills in women. They are afraid that the person who raped them may not go to jail. They have seen lawyers for rapists try to make it the fault of the woman in an underhanded method to get their client off scot-free.
Fear is a mighty deterrent. With the increasing college crime incidents, more rape than not, it is time for women to use some of the fear they have to learn how to fight and turn the tables on their attackers.
Many colleges are becoming more involved in their student's safety by providing sexual assault awareness classes, women's self defense classes, and all around information about college crime. This is the way it should be at all colleges.